How it works

Here are answers to our most common questions

Who can use it?

Every band can use it. Your fans Opt-In by texting your bands keyword to the shortcode 71441. You include “TEXT BANDNAME to 71441” in all your marketing for shows, newspaper ad’s, emails, posters, websites, facebook, etc. It will take a little while to build up your list, but once you have fans signed up, they are there until they opt out, which should be rarely, as you are giving them timely relevant information about a band they like!!

What are common use examples?

  • Offer seat upgrades (hand out “TEXT BANDNAME to 71441 for a pair of front row tickets for tonight’s show” at the door), or announce from the stage for everyone to text BANDNAME to 71441 for the chance to win a free CD.
  • Maybe the first 5 people at a show to text get free t-shirts or…
  • Get a free download track
  • $1 drafts at the bar
  • 20% off merch at tonight’s show.
  • $5 off at the door by showing the text message
  • Pre-Sale offer on tickets to your venue text list

The possibilities are endless, and we can help you come up with TONS of ways to help build your list.

When you log into your account, you can send text blasts to your entire list or segment the list into groups based on city, area code — you decide!!

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